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Volunteer Opportunities

One way to share your time and talent is by participating in the various ministries of our parish.  If you are thinking about what you can do, please consider volunteering for one of our ministries such as being a reader an usher/hospitality minister or participating in the choir and joining it!  Many blessings on your generous dedication in supporting your Corpus Christi parish and her needs! 

These ministries are important elements of our weekend Masses and involve a minimal commitment of one’s time.  

For questions please contact :

¨ Paul Lauck for either being a Reader/proclaimer or an usher/hospitality minister.

¨ Dr. Rod Gorby to sing or help with the choir. 

¨ Patty O’Connell  for 24 Hour Adoration Ministry.  

¨ Tom & Cindy Fails for volunteering at the Marian House. 2nd Thursday from 9:45am to 1:00pm.

¨ Marge Knight 719-633-1457 or for information about Church Cleaners