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Angels & Saints

General Program Information

  • The Angels and Saints Choir serves the 9 AM Sunday Mass.
  • We rehearse Thursday evenings at 7:00 PM from September through May, and before Mass at 8:10 AM, in the choir loft.

Our Choir Culture

The Angels and Saints Choir is a traditional church choir. We concentrate on contributing transcendental beauty to the Mass through masterwork choral music from many time periods and places, in accordance with Bishops’ recommendations. The role of cueing the congregation on songs and adding harmony and descants continues but not as the overriding focus.

Choir rehearsal is worship. We hear the Word; we offer our intercessions; we have closing prayers led by our members; by singing together, we pray twice.

No Stone Unturned

We will do everything possible to facilitate your participation; this is a promise. If child care is needed for you to attend rehearsal, we will work on it. Contact the director with issues or concerns.

An Exciting Time to Make a Difference

Choirs have personalities. They like some music better than others; they laugh at different things; they support one another in so many ways. I need your help to pave the path for the choir ministry, to help choose its favorite anthems, to create our identity in the service of our Corpus Christi community, under Fr. Brian’s leadership. Come, join, and make a tangible difference!

For further information, questions, or sign-ups:

Church at 719.633.1457

Reasons to Join the Angels and Saints Choir

“I experience the Mass much more deeply as we reflect on the readings in preparation for our ministry.”

“I see my best friends every week.”

“I love to sing beautiful choral music.”

“I come to choir practice tired, fragmented, and distracted and return home refreshed, relaxed, and settled.”

“My choir family prayed for me and my family during our difficult time, and we are now better.”

“It is gratifying to make such a difference in the beauty and power of our worship together-the congregation really appreciates it.”

“When I hear our choir music in my head throughout the week, I am reminded that God is always with me.”

“My choir family visited me in the hospital after my recent surgery and provided me with meals and visits when I returned home.”

“God wants me to sing His praises.”