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Promotion & Progress

Academic grades are based solely on scholastic achievement.  Report cards of Assessment Summaries are issued four times a year to students in grades Preschool – 8th grades.

A = 93-100          B = 85-92          C = 77-84         D = 70-76          F = Below 70          NP = Not Proficient


Citizenship grades are based on the attitude and behaviors of students both in and out of the classroom.

5 = Consistently exceeds expectations

4 = Exceeds some expectations

3 = Meets all expectations

2 = Meets some expectations

1 = Fails to meet expectations

0 = Improvement Must Be Seen



To earn the required graduation credits, middle school students must pass no less than seven of their eight classes per semester including Special Classes.  If a student fails three or more classes in a year and does not have the required 14 credits for promotion, the middle school student will be placed on academic probation and not be allowed to register for the following academic year at CCCS until a form of summer school has been completed.