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Keepin’ it Catholic

Posted on: March 13th, 2013

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Keepin’ It Catholic – While walking down the hall a few weeks ago, I overheard a parent say “It’s SO CATHOLIC at this school!”  Honestly, even though this was not intended as a positive comment from the parent, it made me very proud!  I truly wanted to turn to them and say – THANK YOU!  That’s our goal!

Certainly we welcome people of other faiths, but we will not water down our Catholicity!

Our vision is that everything comes through the filter of our faith!  There should be no question that we are NOT a private school we are a CATHOLIC school! There is a difference!

Next time you hear someone say, “It’s so Catholic here at Corpus Christi Catholic School!” – stop and say a thank you with me!

We are here to support our mission of creating strong Catholic leaders for the future and we will Keep It Catholic!

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