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How to Pick a Baby Name

Posted on: May 16th, 2013

By Jenna Hines

Well, if you’re like us, you make a big list of names that you kind of like, and
then you waffle about it for 40 weeks until they won’t let you leave the hospital
until you have a name.

But, there are better ways. And, I got these little bits of wisdom from the only
two men who will be in the room while I give birth this time: my husband, Mike,
and my doctor.

Mike and I were talking a couple of nights ago about how we can’t decide on a name
for our little guy. I was telling him how it is such a huge responsibility picking
a name for another human when he put it in a new light for me. He told me that he
views the process a bit differently. Instead of picking a name for a baby, he
views it as discovering the name God has already chosen. Perhaps that is why it is
so hard. Instead of making a decision, we are searching for an answer. Maybe I
should wise up and listen for a minute. Hello? God?

Then I went to visit my doctor (who said he has high hopes that I will deliver in
about a week – I love him), and I told him what Mike said to me. He offered an
additional perspective to ease my mind. Doc talked to me about how God gave us
free will, and that extends to choosing to have a baby and picking out the name.
He explained that it was very possible that I could have married someone other
than my husband and had it work out just fine. In the same way, I could pick
numerous names and they would work out just fine too.

Now, he wasn’t telling me to leave my husband and find another. Au contraire.
Instead, he was pointing out that many of the big decisions I have made in my life
were of my own free will; God doesn’t necessarily have a finite plan for us.
Instead, He lets us choose and He works His Godly works in the background – always

So, what did I get from all of this? How do you pick a baby name?

You pray about it. You listen to God. And you trust that the decision you make
will be used for God’s Will.

But, now I have to go. I have some praying, listening and trusting to do.
Tick Tock.

Fr. Mark Zacker

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