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Corpus students score on national test

Posted on: March 27th, 2013

testCorpus Christi students knocked the national Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (ITBS) out of the park!  

Our students recently received their national test scores for the ITBS and we are thrilled to announce the school composite score averaged 2.5 grade levels ABOVE the national average of private and public schools!  We are so proud of our students and their exceptional effort, and we are so proud of our teachers for their outstanding dedication.

Check out the following composite national test scores:

1st grade scored at the 2.4 grade level

2nd grade scored at the 3.8 grade level

3rd grade scored at the 5.0 grade level

4th grade scored at the 6.2 grade level

5th grade scored at the 7.2 grade level

6th grade scored at the 8.6 grade level

7th grade scored at the 11.2 grade level

8th grade scored at the 12.6 grade level


What does this mean for our students?  

To be clear, we do not teach to the test.  We teach for the student and we are so proud of them!  They are much better prepared for high school and college because they are working so hard on their own education.  Our teachers and faculty pride ourselves on offering the absolute best curriculum and available technology we can, and the scores have validated this effort.  For current parents, your child’s individual national test scores will come home with their 4th quarter report cards.

Your child receives a better education at Catholic Schools!  

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