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Corpus celebrates Lent 2013

Posted on: March 20th, 2013

Lent 20132Lent 2013 is here!

See how our school is celebrating with our Lent Pinterest Board.

Corpus Christi students began observing Lent 2013 with the distribution of Ashes after Mass on Ash Wednesday. At the first school gathering students illustrated the word “Alleluia” which was collected for the unveiling after Easter.  And the 8th graders performed a cross-covering ceremony and mini-procession.

Each week during Lent, the students gathered together in the gym to follow Jesus’ journey on the Way of the Cross. The students experienced the Stations of the Cross through video, Eighth graders’ Powerpoint, and Busted Halo.

Each gathering focused on Christ’s passion and death. Our Corpus Christi community came together as the pilgrims to learn from Jesus’ Cross his teaching of courage, acceptance, gentleness, and compassion.

As the students prepare for their Easter break, the classes decorated their door with their assigned Station and created a connected activity. At the end of the day, each class walked Jesus journey in the school and ended at the Labyrinth at Penrose Hospital where they meditated on Jesus passion and death. When the students return to school on April 8th, we will culminate our Lenten journey with the celebration of the “Alleluia”.

Check out our Pinterest Page for photos of the 8th grade Stations!

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