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Office Hours

Open:  Monday – Friday  8:00am to 4:00pm
Closed for lunch:   12:00pm to 1:00pm


Contact Information for the parish staff…

In the event of a sacramental emergency …

  • During office hours, call 719.633.1457


 Name  Position  Phone  E-Mail
 Fr. Brian Roeseler  Pastor  719.633.1457
 Ed Wilmes  Deacon 719.633.1457
 Kevin Rishavy  Deacon  719.633.1457
 Dave Bull  Deacon  719.633.1457
 Carole Heindel  Controller  719.633.1457 x14
 Laney Hill  Executive Assistant to the Pastor  719.633.1457 x23
   Music Director  719.633.1457 x17  
   Director of Religious Education  719.633.1457 x15  
 Maria Poston  Youth Ministry  719.633.1457
 Betsy Ruiz  Bookkeeper  719.633.1457 x21
 Anneliese Degenhart  School Principal  719.632.5092
 Marisabel Fierro  Director of Admissions  719.632.5092



Mailing Address:

Corpus Christi Catholic Church
2318 N Cascade Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO  80907

FAX Number:     719.473.7567

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