Mary’s Angels Choir

marys angels choir

The Mary’s Angels Choir is designed as a music readiness program for preschool and kindergarten children. The choir is open to all children ages 2-5 participating; infants and toddlers are welcomed to attend.   In the Mary’s Angels Choir, children receive a basic introduction to pitch-matching, singing together, simple musical concepts and having fun with music.  A caregiver is required to be present at all times with their child or children.

Meetings are held 4 PM to 4:45 PM most Fridays September 14, 2018 through December 14, 2018 at the Corpus Christi school.   The second term will begin in February 2019 through May 3, 2019.    The children will offer ministry occasionally at the 9 AM Sunday Mass at Corpus Christi Church.



Music Theory Tutoring [1st thru 12th grades]

This season an experienced teacher is offering a music theory tutoring for children at 3:15 PM to 4 PM most Fridays September 13, 2019 through December 13, 2019 at the Corpus Christi school. The second term will begin in late January 2020 through March, 2020.

Volunteer monitors are needed for these programs. 

For more information on any program, to volunteer, or enroll your children, please contact the office at 719.633.1457