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CCCS Stories

My daughters and I are new to Corpus Christi this year, and it has been amazing.  I was looking for not only a school, but also a family, and that is what my daughters and I have found.  I recently asked my girls how they felt about the school, and if they wanted to attend again next year.  My youngest said “Mom, I have to come back here. My friends will miss me if I don’t.  I love this school, I love my teachers, and I don’t want to go to another school”.  My oldest  is a straight A student.  She also loves her teachers, and has made several close friends.  As a parent, I have had great experiences and have met great people.  The staff is always friendly and ready to help out even with the littlest things.  They do a great job making new families feel welcome, and getting us registered.  They even introduced us to a wonderful family that helps me get the girls to school when I can’t.  The feeling of community is like nothing I have ever experienced at any other school.  I’m so grateful for Corpus Christi,  and the feeling of home it has given my daughters and myself. 



After touring four other schools, the decision to send our daughter to Corpus Christi Catholic School was an easy one. The children at the other schools seemed more or less indifferent to our daughter, and it was clear something was missing. Later, when we toured Corpus Christi, we immediately realized the Holy Spirit was present here – something we couldn’t have said about the other schools. The children were immediately engaging and invited our daughter to participate in their class activities. After our tour, she declared “This is where I’m going to school!”.  We couldn’t argue with that, and it has proven to be one of the best decisions of our lives.



Recently our son announced “Mom and dad, I want to be a Mechanical Engineer.”  Our eighth grader is so motivated by the Physics and Math programs and teachers, he spends free time reading about physics and researching careers in Mechanical Engineering. To prepare himself for high school, he shadowed several AP classes. He was surprised to find the advanced classes were covering material he had already learned at Corpus Christi! We are so thankful for the teachers and programs at Corpus Christi Middle School.  They have catapulted our son ahead of his peers in his academic career.  Thank you.




When we started looking at schools, we thought we “knew” the key elements we wanted in a school.   We knew we wanted our children in a Pre K-8, had uniforms, and provided a strong academic education.   We thought a charter school would be our path.  However, after visiting two charter schools, there was something that didn’t feel complete about the search process.  The moment we walked into Corpus Christi, we realized what was missing from our “check list” when looking for a school.   When we walked into the doors of Corpus Christi we saw the large crucifix of our Lord and Savior front and center, and our hearts were changed.  We knew we wanted Jesus to be an integral part of our children’s academic education.   Our daughter has been at Corpus Christi for three years, and words cannot adequately describe the impact of having our Catholic faith supported and nourished at school.