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Annual Dinner Auction Results

Posted on: February 6th, 2013

bannerAnnual Dinner/Auction Funds –    WOW!  Thank you for raising over $44,000 for our school at our Annual Dinner/Auction as well as $4000 in the HSA Raffle!  How does this shake down in funding our school?  The Dinner/Auction is designed for a few fundraising purposes:

The Silent and Live Auction – $23,000 was raised in these areas!  The funds here are designated for Development!  So, to keep it simple – 65% of the actual cost to educate our students comes from tuition.  The other 35% is funded by the Corpus Christi Parish or through donations to our school!  If you consider that 80% of our school budget is associated with Teacher salaries and benefits, our tuition dollars do not cover the costs for classroom teachers.  Therefore, the silent and live auction funds are raised to help with the “gap” to educate our children.

The Paddle Auction – $21,000 was raised in the paddle auction!  This year these funds have been designated toward implementation of a new Reading and Language Arts program for Pre-K – 8th grade!  We have not adopted a new program since 1990! It’s time – Yes?  So, this to be said, the quote we received for this program is $46,000+ to implement.  We therefore are almost half-way there!  As soon as we have the other $25,000, we can launch!  I’ll keep you informed on where we are with this!

HSA Raffle – This year we held our first Home and School (Catholic school version of PTO) Raffle!  Thank you for your participation!  This year, the raffle profited slightly over $4000.  These funds are designed for the needs of individual classroom grants!  Some grant requests we have right now are for document cameras in each classroom!  Past grants have been for other technology implementation, extra books and materials teachers may need and coming up – our “Seuss is Loose” – Dr. Seuss Day where we will celebrate Read Across America as a School!  HSA funds pays for wants and needs for individual teachers beyond the regular classroom budget!  They are always looking for ways to help our teachers have all they need to make learning great for our students!

Next Year’s Dinner/Auction – We understand how difficult early February is for families in supporting the Dinner/Auction with registration fees, just coming out of the Christmas season, etc.  Next year, we will therefore be flip-flopping the Spaghetti dinner and basket raffle normally held in the Fall with the Dinner/Auction normally held in February!  So mark your calendars – our 2013-2014 Dinner Auction is slated for the fall of 2013!  As we get this date and theme set, we will announce it as soon as possible!

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